New mind leads the new mode of educational lighting, WAC attended China Educational Lighting Equipment Exibition

Release time:2023-04-21 21:39:21

April 21, the 81st China Education Equipment Exhibition in Nanchang, Jiangxi Greenland International Expo Center grand opening, as a national professional exhibition of educational equipment, this exhibition, whether the scale of exhibitors, exhibition area and so on are a new record, more than 1,400 enterprises and customers at home and abroad gathered together in a grand event. As a professional lighting brand with deep plowing in niche fields, WAC leads the development of a new mode of educational lighting with new thinking, and its unique and unusual booth design and presentation make a wonderful appearance in this exhibition.



New thinking: from inheritance to innovation, the development of educational lighting should be and must be.

In the economic level, the era of continuous development today, the demand for educational lighting is constantly moving towards a more specialized, humane direction. In the energy saving, eye protection at the same time, educational lighting how to better enhance the performance of the characters in the space, is the development of contingent and inevitable.


(WAC traditional classroom scene)

WAC has introduced the concept of "rhythmic lighting" in the traditional classroom scene, which is dominated by LED chalkboard lights and general-purpose light panels, and the LED lighting fixtures can realize different color temperature and brightness changes according to the light outside the classroom and different times of the day, so as to maintain a bright and stable illumination inside the room, and allow students to enjoy clear visual effects in different weather and time periods. The room is always brightly and steadily illuminated, allowing students to enjoy clear visual effects in different weather and time periods. At the same time, the mode setting and use of more flexible, in the illumination of the scene mode to fully integrate the teaching needs and the environment, to maximize the teachers and students to meet the physiological and psychological needs of both.

New thinking: diversified products to help build a diversified ecological campus space

As a professional lighting brand with decades of experience in the field of professional lighting, WAC has completed many commercial building cases, including many classic cases of new international schools, such as Shenzhen Huitong International School, Wenzhou Kennedy University, Suzhou Huitong International School, etc. WAC has also completed many commercial building cases, such as the Wenzhou Kennedy University and Suzhou Huitong International School.


(Wenzhou Cane University & Shenzhen Huitong International School)

The success of these projects has also enabled WAC to capture the important trend of modern campus construction - the future school will not be just one form, but should be diversified or mixed development. A school with multiple forms is in line with the future needs of diversified development of society, and also in line with the future needs of diversified talent development. What kind of lighting products are more in line with the development trend of the future campus, WAC made a strong answer in this exhibition!!

Break the inherent impression of the education scene! A number of new international schools are springing up. The education scene has changed from the traditional classroom to a more open and diversified environment. We need to break the fixed impression of the education scene and embrace new technologies, methods and ideas to provide more diversified, liberal and personalized choices for education.

The ladder classroom scene created by STRUT, with a highly integrated track lighting system, integrating points, lines, surfaces and other customized lighting needs, both efficient and flexible, visual comfort and intelligent control and other advantages, to create a comfortable light environment at the same time, but also to fully demonstrate their own characteristics and personalities, and the modern "people-oriented" concept of education complement each other. The WAC is a perfect complement to the modern "human-centered" concept of education.

In addition, WAC also builds a diversified eco-campus space through more micro-scenarios, including reading rooms, laboratories, students' dormitories, classrooms, offices and other scenarios, and diversified educational lighting products that meet the needs of educational scenarios.

Responsibility and civilization: WAC lights up hope and the future.

Since its establishment in 1984, "responsibility" has been one of the core values of WAC, we always insist on creating value for our customers with the best quality products and services, and at the same time, we also strive to fulfill our social responsibility and actively participate in public welfare undertakings.

Education has always been an area of concern for WAC, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to what we can, including establishing scholarships with many schools, donating to Hope Schools in Jiangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places, and continuing to pay attention to the development of the school, etc. WAC has recently completed the donation to the Jiangxi Hope School.

WAC recently completed the lighting renovation of Jiangxi Hope Primary School, which is the second bright action after 2017. Education is the key to mankind's forward movement, and in the future, WAC will continue to light up hope with its own light, illuminating the future of more children!