About Us

Originated from North America and deeply engaged in the Chinese market. With innovative technology, excellent quality and first-class service, we create extraordinary lighting experiences for diverse spaces.

WAC Global

WAC was founded in New York in 1984. Now it has developed into a professional lighting brand with a global perspective. With "responsible lighting" as brand standard, advocate environmental protection manufacturing and energy -saving technologies. With the accumulation of technology and experience in the international lighting industry, WAC established the Asia -Pacific headquarters in Shanghai in 2010.

WAC China

The WAC Asia-Pacific headquarters, established in 2010, is located in the international metropolis-Shanghai, Chinese Brand name is "HUA GE", which means to look at the world, based on China, and build high-quality lighting in China with an international perspective and level. Technological innovation is the core of WAC China's brand. Over the years, we have been committed to research and innovation of international frontier technology. The core technologies such as SUBROSA Darklight, LiteBrush Lighting Waterfall, LiteBox Polarized Wall Washer was widely used in museum lighting products, and successively completed important cultural sacred places such as the Forbidden City Museum, Liangzhu Museum, Nanjing Niushou Mountain, and Qufu Nishan Mountain. Make use of the rich lighting inspiration to illuminate and fresh the lives of cultural relics. With the technical advantages in the high-end exhibition spaces, we now have served more than 40% of the national first-class museums in China, participated in the formulation of national industry standards, led the industry with innovation, and established benchmarks with quality.
Professional and enthusiastic service team gives high-level customized lighting experiences. With deep technical heritage, WAC China provides sustainable lighting solutions and technical applications for museums, high-end hotel & residence, commercial complexes, retail, buildings, landscapes and other spaces. Adhering to the concept of "Localization of Action and Globalization of Thinking", WAC China has exclusive R & D centers and factory in China, creating an extraordinary lighting experience for diverse spaces with innovative technology, excellent quality and first-class services.

With Responsibility, Enlighten Civilization

Lighting is a technology,  that drives the light of inspiration.
Lighting is an art, that is glowing with humanities.
Lighting is a responsibility,  that helps you choose a sustainable lifestyle.
WAC China, originated from North America and deeply cultivated the Chinese market. Apply international advanced lighting technology to national museums and art venues, and gives cultural relics new lives and has extended the museum lighting technology to hotels, commerce, outdoor, residential and other areas. With Responsibility, Enlighten Civilization, WAC China uses museum-level lighting to light up extraordinary space!


WAC 1984 was founded in New York, USA


American Dallas Permanent Exhibition Hall


WAC Dongguan Production Base


WAC Lighting Technology, WAC Asia-Pacific Headquarters Establishment


Pioneering outdoor lighting market


New Developing Point, Shanghai Central Project


Shenzhen Office was founded


The Palace Museum, the industry's first SUBROSA darklight technology


Shanghai Center J Hotel, China's independent high-end national brand hotel


WAC acquired luxury crystal brand Schonbek with a history of 150 years


WAC Thailand manufacturing base was put into production

Services areas

Exhibition Showcase Space

Serves more than 40% of national first-level museums.

Commercial & High Space Lighting

Establish long-term cooperative relationships with world-renowned real estate groups.

Exhibition Space

Provide professional lighting solutions for many international conference venues such as Beijing APEC, Hangzhou G20, Xiamen BRICS, Qingdao SCO Summit, Wuzhen Internet Conference, etc.

Hotel Lighting

Provide lighting solutions for 20+ international ultra-high-end hotel brands.

Outdoor Lighting

Continuously listen to the real needs of users, starting from product application strategies, project pain points and difficulties, and provide comprehensive comprehensive solutions for many large-scale and landmark projects in China.