WAC CHINA 25th Anniversary Celebration Review

Release time:2022-11-28 17:31:23

In 1997, WAC set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Dongguan, China, and WAC CHINA thus opened a brand new chapter; in 2022, WAC CHINA ushered in its 25th birthday and received sincere blessings from WAC partners around the globe. a grand celebration ceremony was held in Dongguan, China, on November 19th, which brought us a lot of surprises and touches, and the short video takes you to a quick review! The short video will bring you a quick review of the wonderful scenes.

The 25th anniversary celebration kicked off with a commendation meeting, at which Thomas, the chairman of WAC CHINA, and Mr. Tony, the founder of WAC, made a wonderful sharing, looking back to the past and looking forward to the future, both of them expressed their affirmation of WAC CHINA's achievements over the past 25 years and pinned high hopes on the future of WAC CHINA. 

thomas.jpg   tony.jpg

The celebration day was full of exciting activities, in addition to the formal ceremony, there were also fun interactive development games, joyful barbecue, cultural performances and lucky draws, etc., which invigorated people's hearts and triggered surprise screams.

奔跑的少年.jpg   烧烤.jpg   领导们.jpg   thomas尤克里里.jpg


The "WAC CHINA 25" heart shape and the giant fireworks formed by all the staff pushed the celebration to the climax. The neatly shaped team is a symbol of unity and unity, and the continuous running pace signifies the courage to move forward, never stop chasing a bright future.

wac china.jpg 烟火1.jpg

合照.jpg  上海team.jpg

25 years old is the most beautiful moment of youth, full of vigor and vitality; 25 years old is also the new starting point of life growth, 25 years old, light in the eyes, love, and not afraid of the future; 25 years old WAC CHINA is ushering in the period of full bloom, like a flower blossoming more and more, like a roc spreading its wings and taking off!