WAC| 2022 Zhengzhou Expo kicked off with a grand opening and many exciting demystifications!

Release time:2022-09-02 17:25:37

The 9th China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo (the Expo), a long-awaited event for museums and related cultural enterprises across China, kicked off on September 1 at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a professional museum lighting brand, WAC participated in this event for the fifth consecutive time, with a lot of wonderful demystifications!


Back to Nature


The biggest highlight of the display, with WAC's actual lighting project in Zhejiang Nature Museum in the Gutian Mountain scene as inspiration, the use of WAC's latest track system to innovate and deepen. Adjustable color temperature FALCON WALL WASHER track spotlight and PALOMA SMART intelligent track spotlight through the intelligent control system dream linkage, through the color temperature, brightness, projection angle of different combinations of transformation, simulating the sunrise and sunset of the whole process of change.。

Promoting the development and inheritance of civilization with scientific theories


WAC presents different light color customization solutions for three identical bronzes in three dimensions: preference, recognition and historical sense.

As a professional museum lighting brand, WAC has a profound accumulation of technology. This time, WAC also presented the latest patented scientific research results. Taking bronzes as a specific research object, establishing three dimensions of preference, recognition and historical sense, WAC conducted a statistical analysis of big data samples of young people aged between 20 and 30 to obtain key data in each dimension, so as to customize the light color scheme for bronzes. This experimental method, scientific theory research and professional light color customization scheme will greatly promote the museum exhibition lighting towards a more professional and detailed direction, and help the inheritance and development of the museum civilization with the power of the industry.

Museum lighting latest product display

Because of the impact of the epidemic, many offline promotional activities have been affected to varying degrees. This time, WAC also focused on displaying the latest museum lighting products. From the latest in-cabinet lighting track system OCULARC series to the three-circuit track projection lamps and lanterns GOBO, ultra-high space wall washer system FALCON WALL WASHER series were all practically displayed.


The OCULARC series of in-cabinet lighting track system, focusing on projection, adjustable focus and wall washer lighting, demonstrated the overall presentation of the exhibition cabinet space, two-dimensional and three-dimensional exhibits through a variety of lighting methods.


Ledme®️ Bar Polarized Wall Washer System


FALCON Wall Washer FALCON Wall Washer Ultra High Space Wall Washer Lighting System


2022 WAC GOBO Track Projection Light, LOGO and Patterns Presented in Different Ways

2022 Zhengzhou Expo is ongoing, more exciting scene look forward to meeting you at the WAC booth (Booth No. 5F, 2B-22), the exhibition has a surprise gift waiting for you~~