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XHIBITION Menswear Store

Project Name XHIBITION Menswear Store
Introduction WAC Illuminates XHIBITION Menswear Store Xhibition, the newest lifestyle retail destination in Cleveland, brings a unique experience to local shoppers by offering the latest in men’s clothing and footwear brands. Sarah Krivanka of Dimit Architects Inc. explains, “Our team was thrilled to transform a space in the thriving Ohio City district to host the Xhibition store. Lighting was a critical element in curating the unique lifestyle concept and brand integration. WAC luminaires were integral to the clean aesthetic and featured merchandising desired by our clients.” Exterminator LED track luminaires were used throughout the boutique for general and accent illumination on displays showcasing accessories and lifestyle products. The luminaires were installed in custom pockets, connecting the merchandising and finish concept with the ceiling plane, to provide flexible lighting for future displays. InvisiLED® Pro 2 Tape is mounted to the walls to illuminate personal care products, shoes and fashion accessories displayed on the translucent Lumicor solid surface shelves. “In addition to providing flexibility and function,” continued Ms. Krivanka, “These LED luminaires will save on operating costs and maintenance.”
Location Ohio,USA
2068 W 25th Street Cleveland
Project Year 2019
Architects Sarah Krivanka and Gary Ogrocki/ Dimit Architects, LLC
Lighting Solution WAC Track Lights, Spot Lights and Invisiable Tabe Light