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Jaguar & Land Rover Showroom - China

Project Name Jaguar & Land Rover Showroom - China
Introduction Luxury Brand Brilliance at Jaguar Land Rover Showroom The striking design of the new Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Beijing showcases ultimate driving machines against the backdrop of glass walls and open view to the road. To convey a design reflecting their brand, an innovative lighting solution was created inside the modern pavilion. Well-concealed Precision Modules and Plana LED luminaires provide the general lighting within the space and accentuate the vibrant paint colors of the luxury automobiles. The wooden floors and seating are accented by InvisiLED tape that transitions through the color spectrum while the 95 CRI Plana downlighting provide an inviting atmosphere for customers to convene with sales personnel. Throughout the showroom, performance-based illumination by WAC Lighting underscores the power and prestige of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.
Location Beijing, China
Xichang Jinlu, Banqiao, Zhaoquanying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing,China
Project Year 2018