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C Wonder Boutiques

Project Name C Wonder Boutiques
Introduction WAC Illuminates C Wonder Boutiques When C. Wonder, the revolutionary lifestyle brand and retailer, needed the finest energy-efficient illumination for more than a dozen new locations, they turned to WAC Lighting for their superior architectural lighting solutions. Together C. Wonder and WAC Lighting were able to combine their outstanding quality and value to create a memorable shopping experience for the customer. By utilizing the latest LED technology, C. Wonder stores throughout the US are seeing significant energy savings. WAC Lighting illuminates the merchandise with luminaires that provide high lumen output and color rendering, all with minimal maintenance. Utilized within the window displays, Logos is an LED track luminaire with superior efficacy that is perfect for retail requirements. With a rectangular form factor, this Energy Star® rated fixture outperforms a 70-watt metal halide spotlight, making every new window display stand out, even under daylight conditions. Engineered with precision aiming capabilities, Argos was placed strategically throughout the stores to highlight the apparel and accessories. The designers selected this unique fixture for its interchangeable reflectors and sleek design. This flexibility allows merchandisers to easily adapt the distribution of light to best accentuate each application and display. Recessed in cabinets, the LEDme® Button Lights deliver strong light output with high efficacy. The luminaires were chosen to illuminate fine giftware and decorative accessories on display shelves without the risk of fading the bright vivid colors of the merchandise. 4” LEDme® Invisible Trim™ downlights were installed throughout the store for accent and general illumination. The trimless square style allows for a clean architectural look. The deep regression of the LEDs produce minimal glare with a 40 degree visual cutoff, perfect for this retail application. In addition the designers utilized InvisiLED® Pro 2 tape light to highlight their logo. In the front entrances of the stores, the discreet tape light was installed to create a backlit, luminous effect. Behind the cash registers, the tape light was installed within the edges of the frame, targeting the logo in an edge lit fashion. Utilizing an array of high-performing LED luminaires from WAC, the result was an effective lighting design that communicates the luxurious C. Wonder brand image.
Location USA
12 C. Wonder Stores C. Wonder/Burch Creative Capital (212) 219-3500
Project Year 2019
Architects Tricarico Architecture and Design 502 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470 (973) 692-0222