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Small Shine Pro Flood

  • Die-cast aluminum body, high strength of tempered glass
  • Simply shape and effective heat dissipation
  • W-moduleTM,30° cut-off angle for glare control
  • Optional beam angles :7°/13°/30°/40°/12°×35°
  • Angle adjustment: vertical 0-90°, horizontal 0-330°
  • Condensation-proof design for equalizing pressure without water intrusion
  • Lockable mechanism and beam angle indicator ensure precision aiming
  • 220V/AC,Support for standard DMX512 control protocol
  • Weight: 5.8Kg
  • IP65 rated for exterior and interior environments

Technical Information

Model Power(W) LEDs(quantity) Max Lumens(lm) Control  Systems Beam CCT Finish
EF1S24-056 56(Max) 24 3543 EL      ON-OFF
220V/AC Power Supply
ML    DMX512
220V/AC Power Supply
S      7° 
1      13° 
3      30° 
4      40° 
J      12°x35°        
27    2700K
30     3000K
40     4000K 
FC     RGB   
BK   Black