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3" Directional Trimless

  • Die cast aluminum body with clean architectural trim styles to ensure good heat dissipation performance
  • New design with trimless and narrow-trim, perfect integration with smallpox
  • Pre-installed trim, no damage to smallpox when maintain
  • New reflector design with 40° anti-glare angle to ensure excellent lighting effect
  • CCT: 2700K,3000K,4000K
  • Adapting to various environments, various reflector color are available: Specular, Frosted, Black, Champagne
  • Series with adjustable models, suitable for a variety of applications

Technical Information

Model Size Trim LED Driver CCT Beam Angle Sys.Lumen Reflector Finish
E series
3“ 2  Round Trimless LM07   COB 7W
LM10   COB 10W
D   0~10Vdimming
P   ELV dimming
27  2700K
30  3000K
40  4000K
1  15°
2  24°
4  40°
474lm(@7W 3000K 24°)
499lm(@7W 3000K 40°)
665lm(@10W 3000K 24°)
676lm(@10W 3000K 40°)
S   Specular
F   Frosted
B   Black
C   Champagne
WT  White