WAC| New Product Launch - "MERE" The Uncharted Realm, Blooming New Buds

Release time:2023-09-23 13:15:00

From September 12 to September 22, 2023, WAC will bring many new products for professional applications

In Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu, WAC will bring new product releases to the four major cities.




(September 12 - September 19, 2023, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen)

With the theme of "Dialogue with Light for the Future", this launch event is held on the occasion of the brand's 40th anniversary.

Many guests from the four places were invited to discuss the future trend of lighting, which fully demonstrated the brand's dedication and deep thinking about the future!

Exhibition & Hotel&Commercial Space


In the field of display, WAC brought the Mere series, which is smarter, more dynamic and loaded with new achievements of production, research and development of patented filter technology;

Out-of-cabinet projectorGOBO Pro Series,a new upgrade, has a new Mini size, which has a wider range of applications;

In-cabinet low-voltage track Ocularc series, new Projector gobo, the overall series of lighting applications more comprehensive and perfect.

In the field of hotel and commercial space, the addition of VOLTA Smart makes WAC VOLTA recessed downlight series more complete.It is also the latest research result of electronic zoom technology in indoor products.

Architectural Landscape


In the field of architectural landscape, WAC combines a lot of theoretical knowledge such as electronic zoom, constant power  Infi-Power technology, high space polarization system and other cutting-edge technologies with product innovation in an in-depth and simple way, and actively explores how technology and products can help the lighting industry. Actively exploring the power that technology and products give to lighting design was explained one by one, arousing lively discussions.



(September 22, 2023, Chengdu)

In this new product launch, WAC focused on the two themes of "intelligent" and "efficient", and actively demonstrated its exploration of future lighting technology.

Nowadays, the whole society is actively promoting the concept of energy saving, carbon reduction and green sustainable development.

The new product launch of "Dialogue with Light for the Future" is also WAC's strongest answer to its social responsibility.

Time, what happens through light? 1984-2023, the accumulation and precipitation of forty years, is the unchanging original heart of responsible lighting, and also the persistent adherence to environmental protection manufacturing.

Forty years, WAC has crossed the time and space, deeply cultivated the technology, insisted on continuously extending the application field of the products, provided better products for users, and created greater value for designers. 

In the future, there will be more than just light. 

Just as WAC brand core is constantly enriched, from "Responsible Lighting" to "Dazzling Civilization with Responsibility", while adhering to the core of the brand, it is also committed to bear the responsibility of the industry,

Concerned about the development of society and in practical action to serve the community, in the hope of reaching the enterprise and the whole society of coexistence and co-growth.