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Manufacturing Footprint

"We implement responsibility goals in our culture to drive progress and efficiency. It's an important part of who we are." – Shelley Wang, VP General Manager


Preserving the earth is the responsibility of all those who use it. Factories have traditionally been a primary source of pollution from energy consumption, water, and manufacturing waste. As part of WAC Lighting's commitment to do our part, the company invests in a very different type of manufacturing operation. WAC Lighting’s computerized fabrication and lean and flexible work processes minimize the amount of materials wasted in manufacturing. Employing precision and specialization, the company makes it a goal to get it right the first time, thereby conserving the energy required to produce each perfect product. In addition, to reduce our contribution to the world’s landfills, WAC Lighting actively recycles 99.4% of any leftover steel, plastic, paper, glass, and other materials from manufacturing. The remaining 0.6% is shipped to the city of Dongguan and incinerated to help generate steam. In other words our factory has 0% of our leftover material going to landfills.


WAC Lighting continues to make great strides in reducing the environmental footprint of our manufacturing operations in our infrastructure investments. Our new 750,000sf manufacturing campus in China, utilizes new technology to heat our hot water which saves about 75% of electricity compared to electric heated hot water. We also make use of daylight harvesting techniques for lighting our offices, and we are wired for photovoltaic power. What’s more, WAC Lighting also built a waste-water treatment facility to reuse gray water to maintain the trees, shrubs, and grass that cover 60% of the campus and help to keep our air clean. These improvements and others are attributed to the Responsible Initiatives the company has implemented.