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Responsible Lighting

"There are two primary choices in life: To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them" - Dr. Denis Waitley


Making a Difference  

We are making a difference in the world we live in. As a lighting company, we can do this best by contributing to social progress with responsible manufacturing practices and energy saving technology.

Our responsibility extends beyond protecting the planet for future generations, by helping to fulfill the needs of society today. We create a brighter tomorrow by providing opportunities for people and their families. Over the past quarter century, we have practiced this in everything we do, from human rights and employee empowerment, to stringent sourcing and product testing for safety and quality assurance, to environmental awareness in our product design and business operation. As we go forward in a new chapter of WAC we face the challenges of a true global economy with all of the responsibilities that come along with being a manufacturer in the 21st century. Working with you, we will continue to grow as a responsible lighting company contributing positively to our community and the environment.  


Our Pledge

We, at WAC Lighting, Pledge our Deep Commitment to Responsible Lighting and will practice it in every aspect of our business.

Manufacture, engineer and develop innovative, reliable and safe lighting products at fair and competitive prices to produce the best combination of aesthetics, functionality and quality of light. 

  • Manufacture and develop sustainable lighting using the most energy efficient technology available. 
  • Practice environmental protection and conservation in the work that we do and the products we create. 
  • Utilize quality materials, artisanship, technologies and processes, evaluated through stringent product testing, in our privately owned 9001-certified manufacturing facilities. 
  • Think globally while acting locally, recognizing the economic and social interdependence among our factory, offices, vendors, distributors and end-users. 
  • Honor and respect human and civil rights while implementing fair and ethical business practices at all of our locations around the globe. 
  • Recognize the fair values of diversity in the workforce, and attract, develop, deploy and reward employees on the basis of merit. 
  • Continue to maintain strong social bonds to the community, both locally and globally, through our many affiliations.