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Our Values

  • Recognize people as our most valuable asset
  • Foster a merit-based environment where people and company are in mutual trust
  • Promote the success of our customers at full speed with great enthusiasm
  • Keep perfect,no bureaucracy
  • Believe that the strength of team is always stronger than individual


Look for People as Follows

  • Straight, honest
  • Highly execution, result as the guidance
  • Good professionalism


Provide You with Following Platforms
We believe that the business success comes from the full support of people. We are committed to being a global employer of choice, providing you with excellently competitive salary, good benefits and development opportunities. It’s no doubt that excellent you will be pleased with your choice.

  • Performance bonus
  • Social insurance (according to different regions)
  • Housing fund
  • Supplementary insurance cover to children
  • Training opportunities


Development Opportunities

  • We are a dynamic company, encouraging employees to take the initiative to a higher level positions, and providing good supports.
  • According to your personal condition and the demand of our position requirements, there are a selection of locations to choose from: Shanghai,Beijing,Chengdu,Guangzhou and Wuhan.
  • You can contact with colleagues in different styles who comes from different nations and different cities. We try our best to build our own unique enterprise culture,at the same time,we also accept various thoughts and suggestions.